• Marissa Gross

    " The Honey Project has instilled numerous lessons of entrepreneurship that has inspired me to take the next step and become a successful business owner. The Honey Project has brought the people of Africa and their lives to the forefront and has made our mission in the company to help them in their quest for economic development. At the Honey Project Improving Lives Couldn’t Be Sweeter! "

    • Charlene Moore

    " It was a good experience to learn how to self-fund, create a product, and sell that product to help stop poverty in any way possible."

    • Brittany Thacker

    " Knowing that I have positively changed the world through this experience has made it all worthwhile. Just in a few meetings we have developed sincere friendships, built skills, and worked together to save the world. "

    • Jonathan Meece

    " These 12-weeks have left me in awe at how much patience, dedication, and teamwork it takes to run a business. I’m very thankful at being able to take part in this program."

    • John David

    " I learned leadership skills, what it takes to run a business and how to communicate with others. It has been a great opportunity for me and for our community. "

    • Sinta Moore

    " This program helped me to understand how to run my own company and to have great business skills. I also realized that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication in being able to have your own company."

    • Timothy R. Hites,
    • President, ICC Technology Partners

    " I would encourage participation in the Honey Project to any business or individual looking for a creative way to help educate the next generation on starting their own businesses using “real world skills”. The cultural and humanitarian aspects of the program are also absolutely exciting."

    • Jim Naugle,
    • Former Mayor, City of Ft. Lauderdale

    " The program has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for young people to utilize the world of e-commerce and technology and is a positive step towards addressing the digital divide in our nation. "

    • Melissa Aiello,
    • President, Junior Achievement of South Florida, Inc.

    " The exciting and practical experiences provided via the Honey Project are almost too numerous to mention. Consider the lessons that are gained in geography, economics, science, beekeeping, accounting, free enterprise education, cultural diversity, government oversight and business ownership. "

    • Mark Templeton,
    • CEO & President, Citrix Systems Inc.

    " Citrix Systems, Inc. is proud to support the Honey Project for its ability to address the three critical areas of focus that are aligned with our mission as a global corporate citizen: youth education, economic development and the effective utilization of technology applications."

    • Bryant J. Salter,
    • Director, Africa Trade Expansion Program

    " We continue to support the Honey Project as an example of business interests designed to make a difference, not just a buck."

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