HONEY Project Invest


Invest in a young social entrepreneur and you make an investment for a better world.


HONEY Project Invest is our microenterprise and youth incubator initiative.  We provide microloans to young people and incubate their businesses in an effort to help them build self-sufficient companies. Our microloan program was created to provide our entrepreneurs with an opportunity to start their own social enterprise.


In addition, you will have an opportunity to invest in a developing country where the HONEY Project is providing poverty relief.  We are committed to contributing as much Actual Investment Dollars (A.I.D) as possible to youth empowerment and poverty alleviation strategies.


Invest Offerings:

  • Microfinancing
  • Microfranchising
  • Youth Incubator
  • Business Mentoring
  • Business Acceleration
  • Continuing Education

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  • Congratulations Alice!

    Certified Change Agent Alice Thomas was selected as a Google Young Minds winner.

    watch her winning video submission:



    Alice Thomas was a winner in Google's Zeitgeist Young Minds Contest. Alice was 1 out of 10 young people selected from the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina between the ages of 18-24 to attend a very exclusive workshop with some of the greatest minds and leaders from around the world.


    Google Young Minds is a competition to find 10 young people who have made or are trying to make a positive difference in the world. It's a platform to promote how young people are doing their bit to help their communities and make a difference to the world in which we live.

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